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Kristin Nilsson

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 
Design is knowing which ones to keep.”
                                       - Scott Adams
art direction


Winnetka 150th Anniversary
Winnetka 150th Anniversary

To commemorate the Village of Winnetka turning 150 in 2019, I worked to create a logo that would speak to the long-time residents of this city. Railways connect the Village to Chicago and the sunsets over Lake Michigan are spectacular. I was also asked to create 150th campaign materials such as newsletter inserts, brochures, flags, parking stickers and banners.

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CRS Literature & Anniversary Logo
CRS Literature & Anniversary Logo

While keeping the look and feel of the CRS logo, I designed this new logo to celebrate our 30th anniversary. This was used on both digital and print communications for the entirety of 2019. The other 2 items are samples of one-sheet printed materials that were sent to adjusters to market and promote our services.

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CRS Trade Show Booth and Folder
CRS Trade Show Booth and Folder

For a big event, like the National PLRB Show, you need a big splash. This was the start of our new branding campaign starting with the trade show booth (bottom). I wanted to create a pattern that we could use as a wallpaper and graphic background for marketing materials. I created this text by step and repeating the red door logo. Above is the accompanying sales folder and inserts used for one-on-one meetings with insurance adjusters.

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Luxury Provisions Campaign
Luxury Provisions Campaign

The CRS Luxury Provisions groups works with high net worth clients who need temporary housing assistance. In order to appeal to that segment, the look must be refined, tactile and elite. The marketing folder was produced with a gold foil stamp and soft-touch aqueous coating for the luxe feeling. Imagery and layout were mindfully developed with our client in mind.

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Mountain Lines Magazine
Mountain Lines Magazine

The flagship publication of the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, Mountain Lines Magazine was a true joy to design and produce. Every issue is written by volunteers and staff, and all the photography is done by volunteer stewards. As we are always doing our best to increase donations and volunteers, I worked diligently to have this issue distributed in 4 zip codes in the Scottsdale area. We were very proud to have it in locations surrounding the Preserve.

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Relationship Manager Email Campaign
Relationship Manager Email Campaign

What's your favorite food? Activity? Vacation spot? I developed this email campaign in Pardot to help our CRS Relationship Managers build relationships with their adjusters. By sharing a few personal tidbits about themselves, they start the basis of a friendship. This campaign has increased the amount of adjuster claims, as well as communication with them. Many adjusters have responded with their faves as well. The header art is an interactive GIF, and each profile photo loads separately.

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Village of Winnetka Shop Small
Village of Winnetka Shop Small

Materials created for the Village of Winnetka to promote their Shop Small campaign for the Saturday following Black Friday. Shown are the kiosk poster, ad and social media headers. The campaign encourages residents to shop at small, local businesses to support their neighborhood and community.

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Virberu Sports
Virberu Sports

This baseball training aids company logo design project included various promotional materials, such as: flip cards, brochure, web banners. Creative focus centered on the movement of the ball to encompass the letters and elements of each mark. Each logo has a fast forward feel with the slant of the letters and the motion aligning toward the direction of home plate.

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Meandering Design
Meandering Design

Developed for an entrepreneur with a passion for repurposing vintage clothing, these logos were styled with both old and new elements. The logo the client chose, the green monogram-like option, echo’s the vintage, distressed vibe and the implied seamstress feel with the needle threading the letter forms. Colors, fonts and art elements were deliberately chosen to resonate with the voice of the brand.

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KN forward smile.jpg

Innovative and dedicated, I derive joy from all design projects... massive or minute. My extensive design career began in the catalog world, both designing and photo-styling product catalogs for American Greetings in Cleveland. Opportunity led me to Chicago where I sharpened my skills in direct marketing, working on well-known brands such as Visa, The Chicago Blackhawks, Gap Brands and more. My skill set now encompasses marketing, public relations, promotions and advertising, spanning various industries. The relentless Chicago winters have driven me West and I now reside in Scottsdale. 
Where do I excel? Taking a project from inception to completion with superior art direction, organization and production skills. No detail goes unnoticed. Projects I undertake are completed on time and under budget, with spectacular measurable results. To be a successful campaign, a brand must have a consistent look and feel across all marketing and advertising channels. Knowing how to accomplish this, and loving every step of the process, has lead to my success as a creative professional. 


What my clients are saying


"Kristin always set high standards and was proficient at taking the lead on projects and seeing those projects through from inception to completion. Kristin remained flexible and understanding of the ever-changing needs and schedules of others within the Conservancy. Managing through the organizational dynamics of our non-profit, she continually completed tasks on-time

I had the honor of working with Kristin while she was Marketing Manager for the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy. Kristin is a skilled, creative, and dedicated professional. Upon joining the Conservancy, Kristin quickly focused her design expertise and proficiency in project management toward the development and implementation of significant targeted marketing, communications, and branding strategies for the Conservancy. Kristin implemented new and fresh integrated campaigns while making improvements to existing ones. at on or below budget.

Kristin actively engaged with our vendors, Board of Directors, staff, steward leadership, and many of our over 600 volunteers. Through her spirited personality, Kristin nurtured exceptional working relationships with those around her. With her get-up-and-go attitude and attention to detail, Kristin excelled at the management of our design and marketing volunteers. 

In addition to coordinating key marketing, communications, and branding strategies for the Conservancy, Kristin supervised the development and implementation of our website content and social media postings, the execution of pivotal marketing campaigns, the creation and distribution of our press releases, and the design and production of quality posters, magazines and other top-notch marketing materials for major events, meetings, and other Conservancy activities. 

Kristin’s dedication, focus, creativity, and professionalism always ensured the timely completion of superior work products. Kristin’s enthusiasm and good humor made her a pleasure to work with."


Lynne Russell
Steward, McDowell Sonoran Conservancy

“A true creative, Kristin is talented, experienced, and diligent in all aspects of graphic design and marketing. I worked with Kristin for over a year at CRS and watched her efforts grow the marketing department. Her aesthetic shines through every project, and her knowledge of print, digital, and the overall industry make her an invaluable asset. 

No matter the task, Kristin is a true team player. From creating social media posts, designing email campaigns, to proofreading, Kristin is always willing to lend a hand. Kristin is a multitasker that handles every task with ease and is always eager to learn and build upon her developed skillset. I always admired her organization and ability finish an array of projects by deadline. 

Kristin is intelligent, extremely creative, talented, and overall a pleasure to work with.”


Tess Ulloa
Marketing Coordinator, Liberty Healthcare Corporation


“Kristin is a talented and dedicated art director. She offers an incredible mix of forward-thinking concept development and beautifully executed creative that, in turn, get spectacular results. 

Kristin is a pleasure to work with because she’s eager to take on new (and many) tasks, understands others’ visions and maintains a positive attitude. 

Furthermore, her easily recognizable skills and personable manner make her a good candidate for leadership roles. I don’t hesitate to offer her my highest recommendation. You really can't work with anyone better.”


John Kissane
Director of Creative Services, Jacobs & Clevenger

Past Clients




Berkshire Hathaway

Town of Queen Creek

Verde Canyon Railroad

CBS Lawyers

Access Medical

Clarity Partners

Meandering Design​

Archer Daniels Midland

iPay Solutions

Metra Chicago

Banana Republic

Fairmont Hotels

Sungevity Energy

First Energy Solutions

The Gap/Old Navy

Res Publica Group

Consumers Energy

Jacobs & Clevenger

Wirtz Beverage Group

Chicago Blackhawks

Northshore Hospital

The National Restaurant Assoc

Chicago Children’s Hospital



CRS Temporary Housing

Village of Winnetka

McDowell Sonoran Conservancy

Hospitality Solutions Corporation

Miller Bakery Café

Arizona Grand

Peppertree Marketing




BFA Graphic Design

Kent State University

Kent, Ohio


Spanish Langauge

Instituto Cervantes

Chicago, Illinois






Adobe Creative Suite

Microsoft Office




Wordpress, Elementor


Video design & production


Project Management

Print Production

Concepting & Execution

Working knowledge of HTML 






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